• I've had my bees for one year. Will this course still be useful?

    Yes! Beekeeping has a very steep learning curve. It is useful to take a beginner beekeeping course every year for the first two or three or even four years because there is so much to learn.

  • I'm thinking about getting bees but I don't have any yet. Should I take this course?

    Yes! Many people, myself included, get into beekeeping before having any idea what is involved. Taking this course before you have bees will allow you to decide if you have the dedication and time required to excel at this rewarding endeavor.

Keep your bees alive!

This course will teach you how to confidentally care for your bees. Pre-register now. Content will be available sometime in March

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to the Course

    • Learning Objectives

  • 02

    Honey Bees

    • Bee Biology

    • The Colony and its Hive

    • Issues Facing Honey Bees

  • 03


    • The must haves

    • The nice to haves

    • Scaling up: future must haves

    • Personal Protective Equipment

    • Preventing Injuries

  • 04

    Bee Stings

    • All About Bee Stings

    • Preventing Bee Stings: Proper handling

  • 05

    How Bees are Bought and Sold

    • Nucs vs Splits vs Hives vs Packages

  • 06

    The Big Day

    • Hiving a Package

    • Transferring a Nuc

    • Dealing with Bad Weather

    • Early Warning Signs

  • 07

    Producing Honey

    • Food Safety

  • 08

    Unhealthy Hives

    • Overview of Common Health Issues